When you look back on your wedding day, you won’t remember the group shots or the fake-smile poses. You’ll remember belly-laughs with your bridesmaids, a hug with your best man. Your stomach doing somersaults as your best friend walks towards you in her wedding dress. These are the moments you’ll never want to forget. And the ones I want to capture for you.

My approach is a mix of artistic and documentary. Anticipating moments so I’m ready to photograph them as they happen. And capturing light, colour and scenery with all the artistic creativity needed to do your day justice. It’s about telling the story of your day in the most beautiful way possible. 

But I don’t want to be that outsider just there to take photos, making you feel awkward and self-conscious. We’ll be good friends, and I’ll be joining in the adventure of your day alongside you. So every shot will capture you for who you really are, and all the little in-between moments that make your day so special.

As your wedding photographer, I want to give you the very best of both worlds. Beautiful, artistic wedding photos you’ll always love, without having to spend your whole day posing for me, feeling self-conscious or stressing about the process. 

Because no one wants photos of a day they didn’t enjoy. So as your wedding photographer, I want you to have the best day ever. Embracing the adventure and romance of it all, forgetting yourself and loving every second of it. 
And I’ll be by your side like a good friend with a camera, picking my moments, finding the best light and choosing my angles. Capturing authentic moments with the careful composition and creativity your wedding day deserves.

Though I'm based in Hampshire I photograph weddings all over the UK and destinations worldwide. So if you love my style and think I could be your wedding photographer please get in touch as i'd love to hear from you!

My Approach as your Wedding Photographer

Hi there! I'm Jonny

Husband, Dad, PIZZA LOVER, Paddle boarder and a Hampshire Wedding photographer

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For a wedding day where you never felt the pressure of having a camera on you 

Real Moments, Creatively Captured

You completely captured the day and all the little details - it was great to see bits we missed and everyone having such a great time!

Honestly can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done over the past 2 years! We absolutely love them all, and our family and friends do too! 

Harriet & Ben 2021, UK

Wow - These are just incredible!

Kind Words